Collections of helpful reference material for Biblical study and a list of recommended "must have" works that I often use.


Reference Materials for Biblical Study


Medo-Persian Kings

Secular Name              Biblical Name
539 - 530 BC Cyrus the Great Darius the Mede
530 - 522 BC Cambyses Cyrus
522 BC Smerdis not mentioned
522 - 486 BC Darius I Darius
486 - 465 BC Xerxes Ahasuerus
465 - 423 BC Artaxerxes I Artaxerxes
423 - 404 BC Darius II Darius
404 - 358 BC Artaxerxes II Artaxerxes

For more information see: Understanding the Medo-Persian Kings

Recommended Works from Others

Please note that some of the authors of these books have certain viewpoints or hold to some doctrines that are wrong, but they generally do not surface in these works. The overall value of these materials compels me to recommend them.

The Genesis Record
by Dr. Henry Morris
This easy to read book provides scientific background on the book of Genesis which is especially helpful for understanding the Creation in light of modern science.

The Scroll of Biblical Chronology
by Daniel Gregg
If I could have only one other book besides my Bible, it would surely be this. Daniel Gregg's chronology is the definitive source because every piece of the puzzle fits together. The associated commentary is also a great source of information on many other topics. Gregg will be publishing a 7th edition in hardbound format.


Yeshua: The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective - The Abridged Version 
by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Dr. Fruchtenbaum goes through the gospels chronologically adding important background information from the Jewish culture that really helps to illuminate them for modern readers. This is the best Bible commentary that I am aware of. This teaching is also available in a DVD format and as an even more detailed 4-part series. It is also sold at a discount in a package deal along with Ariel's Harmony of the Gospels. The website is to learn more.


The Institute For Creation Research - ICR conducts scientific research from a Biblical worldview. Check out their Store for all sorts of great Biblical resources.