About  Joshua Hall


I am from the United States of America. I was saved as a young boy in a small Methodist church. Without any real teaching or guidance, I went the way of the world until shortly after I graduated from college. In 2001, at the age of 24, I truly gave my life to Jesus Christ. It was like a curtain dropped. I rediscovered my life—the one I had always wanted as a boy—and a radical transformation ensued. 

In 2002, I married my beautiful wife Michele. I spent the first phase of my walk with Christ in Delaware. In 2010, we moved back to our hometown of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where I started my own investment advisory business—True Vine Investments. We currently reside there with our three children, Ariel, Judah, and Titus.


I started the True Vine Life website in 2014 to publish the teaching that God has given me for the body of Christ. True Vine Life is simply a name for my website that reflects the heart of what I am all about—really knowing and walking with the Lord Jesus Christ and having Him fill all things. It is not a non-profit corporation that solicits donations. 

In 2012, I published, The Truth On Investing: From the Darkness of the Crowd to the Light. It is a book that leads believers to invest God's resources as He has purposed it to be done. I recommend it for those who are not seeking a faithless solution devised by man. It is filled with gold for those who have ears to hear.