About  Joshua S. Hall


I am from the United States of America. I was saved as a young boy in a small Methodist church. Without any real teaching or guidance, I went the way of the world until shortly after I graduated from college. In 2001, at the age of 24, I truly gave my life to Jesus Christ. It was like a curtain dropped. I rediscovered my life—the one I had always wanted as a boy—and a radical transformation ensued. 

In 2002, I married my beautiful wife Michele who is something of a watchwomen and my ministry partner. I spent the first phase of my walk with Christ in Delaware. I worked for JPMorgan Asset Management and we were part of Victory Christian Fellowship, where we served in various ministry functions. In 2010, we moved back to our hometown of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where I started my own investment advisory business—True Vine Investments. We currently reside there with our three children, Ariel, Judah, and Titus.


I have been called by God, and not by man, as a prophet and teacher. I started the True Vine Life website in 2014 to publish the teaching that God has given me for the body of Christ. True Vine Life is simply a name for my website that reflects the heart of what I am all about—really knowing and walking with the Lord Jesus Christ and having Him fill all things. It is not a non-profit corporation that solicits donations. 

In 2012, I published, The Truth On Investing: From the Darkness of the Crowd to the Light. It is a book that leads believers to invest God's resources as He has purposed it to be done. I recommend it for those who are not seeking a faithless solution devised by man. It is filled with gold for those who have ears to hear.