In Holy Angels — Parts 1 and 2, we looked at God’s messengers that are without sin and will remain so eternally because they did not choose to follow Satan. Now we are going to examine the higher orders of celestial beings—angelic princes, cherubim, and seraphim. As we move through this Essentials teaching, keep in mind that cherubim and seraphim are celestial “creatures” and not angels. This distinction will become increasingly clear by the time we reach the conclusion.

I recently heard someone say that Satan desires to destroy the innocence of children. This reality weighs on my soul and more so now that I have three small children of my own. I investigated what Jesus said about this which lead to this rich discovery.

This is the first teaching in the Essentials series and it initiates the first subsection called The Beginnings. We must start with God Himself. Here we explore some of the key aspects of the Trinity—the one God's existence as three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). 

This is the last part in a five-part series on the first several chapters of 1 Samuel. I thought I knew how this was going to end, but the Holy Spirit concluded this study with an interesting revelation that confirmed the original purpose of True Vine Life. Here the success of Samuel's judgeship reveals what is needed for the faithful remnant church to come. 

The first several chapters of 1 Samuel provide a relevant picture of the Western church in the year 2016. In part 3 of this series, we learn the real reason for Israel's catastrophic loss of the ark of the covenant. I then explain what the faithful remnant needs to do to escape the same fate, and somehow, Lynyrd Skynyrd finds its way in here. 

The first several chapters of 1 Samuel provide a relevant picture of the Western church in the year 2016. These Scriptures also reveal an important pattern of how God brings positive change amongst His people in any era. As we continue in this series we see the devastating consequences that come to God's people when He is not first in their lives. There is an important lesson here for the faithful remnant.

Do you study and/or work for money? Or do you study and/or work to become so valuable that you ultimately glorify God through your occupation? In this introductory teaching in the Economics, Money, and Wealth series, we explore what I call True Economic Value. This is the foundation needed to build our financial and professional lives upon.