Postings on True Vine Life fall into one of the following four categories that reflect different objectives for the ministry God has given me:



These are lengthier, more detailed writings on topics the Holy Spirit has inspired me to teach. There will be multiple posts in each series. Each teaching series appears as its own category in the Archive.



These are one-off pieces on all manner of topics. Some Messages provide additional insight on prophecies. These all appear under the Messages category in the Archive.



These focus on foundational Christian doctrines.
These appear under the Essentials category in the Archive.

Here is a (preliminary) outline of the Essentials with links to completed subsection content:

The Beginning

The Predicament

The Solution

The Mission

The Empowerment of the Holy Spirit—Part 1: Preparing for the Promise
The Empowerment of the Holy Spirit—Part 2: All the Fine Details

The End

The New Beginning


Thank you for reading. I hope you find these explanations helpful to understanding the objectives of True Vine Life.